Customer Sign-ups

Customer Sign-up is the section on the DFE where a new customer is added to the Jenny DFE. This will generate their own Custom Code where all their packages and services will be created. All the support tickets and CRM’s are also stored within this Customer Code.

It is the responsibility of the party that closed the “deal” to capture the sign up. This responsibility normally falls on the Sales Person or the Dealer that signed the customer up.

The customer is required to have completed and signed a sign-up form including the services required as well as the price for these services. This is a legally required document as the customers are agreeing to the terms and conditions on the sign-up form as well as authorising us to debit the bank account with the monies owed to Jenny Internet for services supplied.

Sign-up forms MUST be uploaded to the Customer Files Sections of the relevant customer so that we can see at any one time what the customer originally signed up for.

If the sign-up forms are not uploaded to the DFE within 3 Days of the customer being created on the DFE, the customer’s services will be suspended until the sign-up form is uploaded to the DFE.


  1. Customer completes the sign-up form and signs it.
    • Correct and up to date signup forms are available on the Jenny internet website
    • This form must be printed, signed and sent to the Jenny Call Centre once captured and uploaded.
  2. Log onto the DFE with your username and password.
  3. Click on the Customers menu option on the Left of the screen.
  4. Click on “Capture Sign-up”
  5. Section 1 – Account Details
    • Capture all the details as is from the form onto the digital form on the DFE.
    • The Cell number is important and this is the cell number that the customer will receive sms notification to.
  6. Section 2 – Business Only
    • Only complete this section if you are signing a client up as a business where VAT and CK number are required.
  7. Section 3 – Service Details
    • This is just a block to tell you that you must create the Packages and Services on the customer profile once the sign-up is complete
  8. Section 4 – Direct Debit Information
    • This section is important for debiting the customer’s account. Please double check all this information and ensure it is correct.
    • You must ensure that an authorised signatory for the customer’s bank has signed the signup form, especially if the customer is paying via debit order.
    • Tick the “I CONFIRM that the client has signed:” and put the correct date on which the customer signed the sign-up form.
  9. Section 5 – Service Application Authorization and Terms
    • Confirm that the customer has signed the form agreeing to the terms and conditions by ticking the box, change the date to the date the customer signed the form, click Capture Section 5.
  10. Section 6 – This is where you can add any special note or requests the customer has.
  11. The next step is where you are the dealer agree to upload the sign-up form to the DFE. Click the SUBMIT FORM button.
  12. An SMS will be sent to the customer and the next page will confirm that the sign-up was successful.
  13. This will automatically create a ticket assigned to the person capturing the client. This ticket is to facilitate the uploading and verification of the signup form and bank details. Details on this ticket will be handled later in this topic.
  14. Click on Customer Profile, ensure that the dealer is correct for this customer, if not, please email with all relevant details requesting the Dealer to be changed correctly.
  15. Scroll down to find the section “Add Package” and click on the Words:

    • Package name should be something describing the services in the package, eg. Wireless Home. Try not to be too specific about the service(s) in package, ie. Uncapped Wireless, as if the service changes, the package name won’t change accordingly so will then need to be manually corrected which is something that gets overlooked.
    • Click “Add Package”
  16. The Package will look as follows on the customer profile:
  17. Click on the to open the package up to show that package summary, which will look as follows:
  18. Click on the to open the package up to see what services are in the package and/or to add services the client has signed up for.
  19. An empty package look as follows:
  20. Click on Add Service, the Green section will expand with options to select. This section will take a little getting used to. The services and type are labeled well so you will easily find the service you wish to add.
  21. Service Type – This selection is the type of service, eg. ADSL, E-Mail, Domain, Wireless. This example we will be adding a wireless service.
    • Click the Service Type drop down box and select Jenny Wireless Services.
  22. Wireless Network – Select the network that this customer is going to connect to. Normally a Network Provider or Dealer will only be able to see the networks in his area, making this selection easier. Jenny Staff will see all the networks and network selection is important as this is the network that would receive the network payout for this connection.
  23. Wireless – This where you select the actual service that the customer has chosen. Select the service by service speed and then by monthly data.
  24. You then be given a summary screen showing the selected service, the monthly cost, setup costs (if any), etc. Click “Add Wireless Account”.
  25. You will then get a pink block, you can click on the to show the package details as follows:
  26. The final step in the Capture Sign-up process is to upload the sign-up through the New Customer Ticket, now lying on the customer.
    • The person capturing the customer onto the DFE is responsible for acquiring the signup form and uploading it to the DFE through the ticket.
    • Click on the Log Signup Details tab on the ticket. The ticket changes to the following:
    • Select the Sales Origin for how this customer heard of Jenny Internet.
    • Click on the “Add Files” button, browse to where you scanned and saved the file and attach it. A window opens allowing you to change the Files description if you wish but just click ok to accept “Signup Form”. Click on “Log Signup Details” button.
    • This will automatically assign the ticket to the “JENNY INTERNET/Call centre Tasks” ticket queue and the ticket will look like this.
    • The Jenny Call Centre staff will open the uploaded form and check the four criteria. If the from matches up, they will tick all four blocks and click “Log Signup is Valid” button. This will automatically assign the ticket to the “JENNY INTERNET/billing” queue.
    • If the signup form does not much up, they will click the “Log Signup is Invalid” tab, type in the issues found with the signup and click the “Log Signup is Invalid” button. This will automatically assign the ticket back to the person you completed the previous step in the ticket process.
    • Once the Ticket is with Billing, it will look like this:
    • They will do their checks, verifications and changes if necessary, tick the two boxes once everything is in order and click on the “Log Billing Check Done” button. This will automatically assign the ticket to “JENNY INTERNET/Sales”
    • Once the ticket is with Sales, it will appear as follows:
    • Sales will check that all the leads are updated and closed relating to this customer and give them a courtesy call giving the customer info regarding Jenny internet and answering any questions they may have. Once this is done, both boxes are ticked and “Log Sales Check Done” button.
  27. This completes the Signup process. The Sales Manager will need close the ticket.

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